What is Seven Marks?

Watch this video from our Lead Pastor, Paul Crouthamel, to hear all about Seven Marks Church.

The Seven Marks


At the end of 2016 and into the beginning of 2017, some of our staff were part of a learning cohort with several other churches from around the country. The task that was given was for them to wrestle through what the Scriptures taught concerning the radical minimums for a follower of Jesus. In other words, of all the characteristics of a follower of Jesus, which ones would be considered fundamental? Which ones should characterize all followers of Jesus? After weeks of back and forth conversations and months of rewrites, they settled on seven. There are undoubtedly more characteristics of followers of Jesus, and one may even debate the seven selected. However, we have chosen to focus our attention on these, knowing that if we got these right it couldn’t help but make a difference in everyone who called Seven Marks home. Beyond that, we pray that Seven Marks will be a place that not only impacts individuals and families, but also our city and our world. Here are the seven:

1. Finds identity in Jesus

A follower of Jesus finds their identity in Him which gives focus and meaning to life.

2. Pursues the lifestyle of Jesus

Healthy things grow, and in order for that to happen spiritually, it involves intentionally pursuing spiritual practices or habits.

3. Responds to the Spirit

Living a surrendered life entails recognizing and responding to the voice of the Holy Spirit within you.

4. Engages in Biblical Community

Growing always involves being connected to and engaged with others in accountable relationships.

5. Serves others

Followers of Jesus love deeply by being aware of the needs around them and extending grace to meet those needs.

6. Proclaims Jesus

A follower of Jesus knows how to confidently speak and demonstrate the gospel.

7. Makes disciples

A sure sign of a follower of Jesus is that they replicate themselves and help others to do the same.

Our Values


Our values keep us oriented toward our “true north.” They are the heart behind everything that happens at Seven Marks.


We unapologetically love Jesus and we care about spreading His glory, honor, and fame.


We care about people and helping them know their infinite value and worth to God.

The Kingdom of God

We care about making the values and vision of Heaven visible here on the earth.


Of first importance, we believe that Jesus came to this world,
died on a cross to pay for our sins, and rose again three days later
so that we can have new life in Him.

Meet Our Team!

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