This team strives to provide a quality weekend worship experience that focuses attention on the purpose of our gatherings while reducing unnecessary distractions for those joining us in person and online.
Current Needs
You can browse all of the areas in which you can serve below, but there are a few specific servant leader roles that we’re currently look to fill. If any of these are roles you’d be interested in, click the “Join the Team” button below to let us know.
Audio Engineer
Stage Hands
Producers are responsible for the execution of a weekend gathering. This primarily involves programming each element of a weekend gathering, as well as communicating with and working alongside other weekend production servant leaders.
Audio Engineer
Responsible for setting up, troubleshooting, and operating sound equipment used in worship and other recordings to ensure optimal sound quality.
Video Producer
Lead and coordinate elements of the production team, including those who operate computers and video equipment used in the production of our weekend gatherings.
Video Engineer
Operate computers and video equipment used in the production of our weekend gatherings. (Previous Experience not necessary)
CG Operator
Primarily responsible for running computer presentation software used to display visuals (e.g., song lyrics, sermon slides, etc.). (Previous Experience not necessary)
Lighting Operator
Run the console that controls all house and stage lights during weekend gatherings. (Previous Experience not necessary)
Camera Operator
Responsible for one of our stationary or roaming cameras and work alongside our video producer to create a visually creative and compelling experience. (Previous Experience not necessary)
Stage Hands
Provide assistance with stage transitions that occur before, during, or after our weekend gatherings. (Previous Experience not necessary)
Capture compelling images for use online and on social media that help us tell the stories of our church family, celebrate what God is doing through our ministry, and inspire others to take their next step at Seven Marks.