We help create a welcoming and hospitable weekend environment for our church family and guests. Our desire is to ensure that every person feels seen, valued, and loved from the moment they arrive in the parking lot to the moment they leave.
Current Needs
You can browse all of the areas in which you can serve below, but there are a few specific servant leader roles that we’re currently look to fill. If any of these are roles you’d be interested in, click the “Join the Team” button below to let us know.
Parking Lot Team for the 11am Gathering
Greeters for the 11am Gathering
Coffee Team for the 11am Gathering
Hosts for the 11am Gathering
Prayer Team for Both Gatherings
Baptism Team for Both Gatherings
Communion Team for Both Gatherings
First Impressions Greeter Teams
Outside-Lobby Greeter
Stationed outside the doors of our main entrance to greet worshipers as they enter the building. As needed, they may be expected to assist guests with questions or directions (e.g., location of kids check-in, restrooms, connect center, etc.).
Inside-Lobby Greeter
Stationed at interior doors from the lobby to the auditorium, greeters in this role welcome worshipers as they arrive in the big room for the gathering and bid them goodbye as they leave. As needed, they may also help by distributing any handouts to worshipers as they arrive/leave (e.g. communion elements, printed materials, etc.).
First Impressions Host Teams
Seat Back Team
This team meets during the week to help us prepare for weekend gatherings by ensuring that the big room is in order and that seat backs are properly stocked and neatly organized with any information that may be helpful to our church family and guests (e.g., prayer cards, sermon note cards, etc.).
Coffee Team
Helps to welcome our church family and guests who enjoy a cup of coffee. Primarily responsible for set/clean up of the coffee station as well as the preparation and serving of coffee to our church family and guests.
Response Teams
Prayer Team
Leaders in this role care for our church family and guests through their prayers. Currently, this team meets weekly on Thursday nights, and as needed during weekend gatherings to help worshipers engage with and respond to God.
Baptism Team
We host baptisms during our weekend gatherings several times a year. This team helps baptism candidates through the entire process from start to finish. They are also responsible for helping with set up and tear down of changing areas before/after gatherings.
Communion Team
At Seven Marks, we frequently observe communion during our weekend gatherings. Members of this team ensure that communion is properly set up before each gathering and oversee the clean up of all communion related items after gatherings. As needed, servant leaders on this team may be expected to help distribute the elements of communion.