This network of teams provides leadership, service opportunities, and educational resources intended to help mobilize our church family to become the hands and feet of Jesus in our city through strategic partnerships and relationships with ministries and non-profits that are serving the most vulnerable members of our community.
Event Planner
Each event that we do in the city requires planning. If you have the gift of “details” and “planning” then we would love to have you as one of our Event Planners.
Meal Prep
If you enjoy preparing meals then we would love to have you as a part of our team. Providing a meal to someone or a family is a great way to show them the love of Jesus. It could be for a foster family that just received a new placement. It could be for someone who is temporarily without housing. Whatever the situation may be, there are many ways for you to be involved.
Meal Delivery
Maybe preparing meals isn’t your thing, but you love to distribute meals. We need help all over the city to deliver meals to those in need.
We work with several partners throughout our city that need people who can mentor those who are in various programs. It could be anywhere from reading to a kid after school or helping someone who is in recovery.
Note Writer
Writing encouraging notes is a great way to share the love of Jesus. Maybe you have the gift of encouragement. We would love to have you as a part of the team to bring that to those in need of an encouraging word.
City Advocate
Advocates operate within one of our city initiatives and work alongside one of our city champions to represent the interests and efforts of a specific ministry partner. These efforts include helping to raise awareness, developing relationships between a partner organization and our church family, and facilitating opportunities for our church family to serve in the city.
City Champion
Servant leaders in the role of city champion are responsible for overseeing one of our city initiatives. In this role, champions work alongside Seven Marks staff and city advocates to create opportunities for our church family to serve in our city. Champions also help create and maintain good relationships with our city partners. Ideal candidates for the role of champion will be those who have a heart for the brokenness of our city and for people.