At Seven Marks we strive to care for the disadvantaged, houseless, and refugee—We desire to address both the physical needs related to homelessness and immigration, as well as to provide spiritual care and direction through the transforming power of the gospel. Below you will find a list of upcoming opportunities where you can get involved. Our staff and City Champions are here to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


Rochelle Farris
(330) 388-4161

Upcoming Opportunities

Clothe the Homeless

You can drop off any of the following items at Seven Marks in the lobby on a Sunday.

– Blankets
– Tobbogans
– Gloves
– Thick Socks
– Hand-Foot Warmers
– Thermal Underwear (Men: L/XL | Women: M/L)
– Men’s Boxer Briefs (L/XL Sizes)

Prep a Meal
November and December

You can love the homeless in our community by preparing meals for them. If you stop by the table in the lobby on a Sunday morning, you can pick up a foil pan and recipe card. Take the recipe, purchase the supplies, prep the meal, and bring it back in. Then our City Team volunteers will take and deliver the meals as needs arise.

A Place at the Table
November and December

A Place at the Table was started in 2015 in Downtown Raleigh with a mission to provide community and good food to all, regardless of means. It is is Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe. You can donate $10 towards a meal at the table in the lobby. Learn more about A Place at the Table.

Serve the Homeless
November and December

On Saturday, December 10 and Saturday, December 24, we are looking for individuals or groups to distribute meals to the homeless in our community.


Laundry Cards
November and December

For those that are homeless, they don’t have access to washers and dryers without having to pay, and it can be expensive. You can donate $20 towards a laundry card at the table in the lobby.

Are you ready to engage, but still have questions?

We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out how to take your first step in serving in our city. If that’s you, please reach our City Initiative Director, Lisa Bauer, and she would love to help you find the right place to jump in.

Lisa Bauer
(919) 559-5289

CLI Prison Alliance

One of our newest city partners is CLI Prison Alliance. Their mission is to glorify God by sharing His love with the imprisoned.

Learn More about CLI Prison Alliance

Raleigh Dream Center

Seven Marks has been partnering with Raleigh Dream Center several years. We worked with them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in providing food and distributing food at a few outposts in our county.

Habitat for Humanity

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Seven Marks has partnered with Habitat of Wake County for several years to provide homes for people in our community.