The Seven Marks
When you look at the life of Jesus in the Gospels, at least one thing becomes abundantly clear very quickly: Jesus valued prayer. As those who seek to adopt his lifestyle, we too must value prayer as a central and life-giving feature of our own formation. In this 6-week series, we let Jesus teach us how to think about prayer, and how to pray, by examining several forms of prayer that have blessed the church for 2000 years.
Each week of our teaching series has an accompanying community group guide that we created to help our church family digest, discuss, and practice these teachings together.
Mark #1
Lesson 1
Identity in Christ
Mark #1
Lesson 2
Prayer Resources
Here are some of our favorite books/resources on prayer. We pray that these resources will help you to become a better practitioner in the way of Jesus.
Every Moment Holy Vol. 1
Douglas Kaine McKelvey
Every Moment Holy Vol. 2
Douglas Kaine McKelvey
A Praying Life
Prayer Cards
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