Seven Marks Community Groups

At Seven Marks, our mission is to practice the way of Jesus together. We believe that joining a community group is one of the best ways to do that. Our groups have two primary seasons during the year:

Spring Season: January – May
Fall Season: September – December

Sign Ups for our Fall Community Group Season will open in August. We look forward to another great season of connection and helping you find a community group to join.


Why join a community group?

Most of us would say our relationships (family and friends) are the most important thing in our lives. But those good relationships can be hard to find. Our community group ministry helps connect you with others that can walk alongside you through the best and most challenging season of life – and everything in between.

What can I expect?

Community Groups are an extension of our church family, just in a smaller and more relational context. So, every group shares the common values of Seven Marks: following Jesus, connecting with People, and serving God’s Kingdom. Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly and usually last between 1-2 hours. Time discussing Scripture, praying for one another, having fun connecting or sharing a meal, and serving together are all hallmarks of a community group.

Beyond those common elements, each group has the freedom to reflect the unique personalities and passions of its members. Some groups are more learning focused, while others create more space for meals and prayer, while others focus on serving others as a group. But all groups are a place where you can grow in your relationships with God and with others.

When and where do groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, businesses, restaurants, and right here at Seven Marks. Each group leader decides when the group will meet, but most choose sometime in the evening, Sundays – Thursdays. If certain days of the week do not work for you, be sure to share to let us know when you sign up.

Is this the same as a class?

Like a class, you will have the opportunity to study with others and grow in your knowledge of God. However, our primary emphasis in groups is on connection. Our groups are more than a class. They are a place for friendships to grow, for disciples to be made, and for hardships to be shared. Study is a part of that, but only part.

How long do groups last?

Group meetings last roughly 1-2 hours, depending on the group. Also, groups run on a Fall and Spring seasonal basis. Groups typically take a break or scale back activities for the holidays and summer months.

Is childcare provided?

Every group is different. Some groups welcome children as part of the gathering time. Some groups alternate men’s and women’s gatherings to take turns watching kids. While others prefer to not have children at their meetings at all and ask each member makes their own arrangements. Your group leader will be able to answer any questions you may have before attending. However, if childcare costs are preventing you from meaningfully engaging in community group life, our church would love to come alongside you in support. View our childcare reimbursement policy and form here to learn more.


Can’t find a group that works for you? Do you want to start a missional community?